Iranian Hulk’s catfishing days are over after being embarrassed in boxing

Iranian Hulk’s catfishing days are over after being embarrassed in boxing

For years, Sajad Gharibi, the man known as The Iranian Hulk has been catfishing people and pretending to be this insanely jacked behemoth on social media. After going viral, he also repeatedly teased plans to fight whether in MMA or boxing through the years. For various reasons, they never pushed through.

The curtain was already peeled back during an embarrassing face off and scuffle with an actual jacked guy in Martyn Ford last March. Apparently that staredown got him disowned by his family for looking sad and weak, but that celebrity boxing match didn’t push through either.

This weekend, the Iranian Hulk finally had an actual fight come to reality, and I guess it’s safe to say that his catfishing days are over.

Gharibi’s viral photos already looked dubious and photoshopped, but some people still expected him to at least still be a massive dude. Nope! Apparently he’s just some random fat dude that grew to fame through wildly edited social media posts.

And perhaps to no one’s surprise, he also doesn’t know how to fight at all either.

Watch Gharibi’s boxing match against the Kazakh Titan, a guy who also has a nickname that didn’t really fit his appearance. I guess at least he can fight a bit better than The Iranian Hulk, who clearly did not want to be in there and literally just kept turning away and running from his opponent.

One staredown and two minutes in the ring completely derailed a social media persona that he curated for years. I hope that one paycheck was worth it, because he probably won’t be able to catfish anyone again.

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