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Galvan Fishing Reels

Galvan Fishing Reels all series available.

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Galvan Grip

Grip fly reels are designed for those that desire a fully sealed drag system for the most extreme conditions. They have the same heavy duty, clean cut construction that Torque and Rush series reels have become known for, only with a few sweet additions. To start, 2 Hybrid ceramic ball bearings and even more carbon fiber have been incorporated, adding to the silky smooth drag that all Galvan users are accustomed to. A watertight, easy to access hub has also been added encasing the entire drag system, leaving only anodized aluminum exposed to the elements. The new quick turn knob allows for a super quick spool release as well as easy access to the Drag System, and the Monster grip handle provides assured accessibility.

Galvan Grip Specifications

Model G-8 G-10
Diameter 4.0″ 4.25″
Spool Width 1.25″ 1.35″
Weight 7.8 oz 8.7 oz
Line Weights 8 10
Line Capacity WF-8-F WF-10-F
Backing Capacity 20# 200 yd 30# 250 yd

Galvan Rush Light

The Rush Light’s quality, ruggedness and ultra-smooth, state of the art, Torque drag system does not disappoint. Originally created in 2005, the Rush Series reels quickly garnered a following among discerning fly anglers. Galvan listened back in 2012 and reduced the reel’s weight and modified the look, giving it some of the features of their revered OB reel. Galvan altered the porting pattern on the spool face and opened up the back of the frame to our recognized, open back, tri-spoke design.

Galvan Rush Light Specifications

Model & Diameter Spool Width Weight Line Weights Line Capacity Micron Backing (20 lbs)
R-4 LT (3.25) .85 in 4.8 oz 4-5 WF-4-F / WF-5-F 100 yd / 75 yd
R-5 LT (3.5) .90 in 5.2 oz 5-6 WF-5-F / WF-6-F 125 yd / 100 yd
R-6 LT (3.75) .95 in 5.5 oz 6-7 WF-6-F / WF-7-F 150 yd / 125 yd
R-8 LT (4.0) 1.25 in 8.1 oz 8 WF-8-F 200 yd
R-10 LT (4.25) 1.35 in 8.8 oz 10 WF-10-F 250 yd
R-12 LT (4.5) 1.35 in 9.2 oz 12 WF-12-F 300 yd

Galvan Torque

As the premier reel in the Galvan range, the Torque Series reels represent the culmination of a lifetime of fly-fishing and passion for reel design. Simply stated, it represents the very best of modern fly reel architecture.

The visually striking appearance of the Torque reels is a result of the unique cut-outs on the frame, spool, drag knob and reel foot. This design is not only aesthetic but also structural as it significantly reduces the weight of the reel while maintaining strength and increasing rigidity .The rounded rims on both spool and frame enhance durability to better withstand impact during extreme angling conditions.

Galvan Torque Specifications

Model T-8 T-10 T-12
Diameter 4.0″ 4.25″ 4.5″
Spool Width 1.25″ 1.35″ 1.35″
Weight 7.6 oz 8.2 oz 8.6 oz
Line Weights 8 10 12
Line Capacity WF-8-F WF-10-F WF-12-F
Backing Capacity 20# 200 yd 30# 250 yd 30# 300 yd

Galvan Torque Tournament

The Torque Tournament has all of the hallmarks and trusted reputation of the Torque combined with pure size and brute strength. The TTS has mega-torque stopping power able to subtly manage fish in the 100’s of pounds category. Additionally its large circumference aids with an extraordinarily fast retrieval rate. The T-14 can pull 15.7”, the T-16 a massive 17.3” and the T-18 an unheard of 18.8” of line per single rotation of the spool. This is necessary when quickly retrieving slack line while managing a fast moving big game ocean fish. It comes with a beefed up version of our innovative Torque drag system and is offered in three sizes: the T-14 (quick), the T-16 (quicker) and the T-18 (quickest). Its extra large drag knob is easily accessible to make precise drag adjustments in the heat of a fight.

Galvan Torque Tournament T-14 Specifications

Diameter 5.0″
Spool Width 1.35″
Weight 11.3 oz
Line Weights Billfish Taper
Line Capacity 500 yd
Backing Capacity 50# Gel Spun


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Galvan Grip, Galvan Rush Light, Galvan Torque, Galvan Torque Tournament


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